The ultra high resolution 4K video format has taken another significant step towards mainstream domination with the launch of a new 4K-capable set-top box that costs just $69.

The Mi Box from Chinese company Xiaomi is already available from, and will also go on sale in Walmart stores in the next few days.

Its 4K (also known as Ultra High Definition) support includes the ability to play such sources at 60 frames a second, as well as Microsoft’s PlayReady 3.0 hardware-based DRM technology to ensure you can enjoy a wider range of 4K content.

The Xiaomi Mi Box delivers 4K HDR video for $69. (Pic: Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi Mi Box delivers 4K HDR video for $69. (Pic: Xiaomi)

The Mi Box’s operating system is provided by Android. Using the Android TV system puts hundreds of gaming, utility and video streaming apps at the Mi Box’s disposal, as well as providing compatibility with Google’s Chromecast and voice search tools.

Other services available through the Mi Box include subscription platforms such as Sling TV, the Pandora music platform, Vudu and Netflix – with Xiaomi assuring me that the Netflix service will support 4K streaming.