M21 Android TV Box mounting system is made specially for YUNDOO Y6 TV Box. This mounting system consistently delivers quality and reliability. Many users appreciate this product for reliable remote reception.


Mounting system specially for YUNDOO Y6 TV Box
Save your space and for better visual beauty.
Easy to attach – no tools necessary.
Well-designed to meet multiple demands.
FREE air mouse.

How to Use?

Step 1: Open the package, take out the mount.

Step 2: Stick it to the right place

Method 1: The mount can be pasted on the back of TV, PC, etc. by magic stickers.
Method 2: The mount can be fixed on the TV or other places by screws.
Method 3: The mount can be fixed on the TV back by making use of the screw holes(M4/M6).
Method 4: The mount also can be hung by a Velcro strap.

Step 3: Choose the way you like to fix the mount. Embed the box in the mount.


M21 Bracket, 1 pcs
Magic tape with double-side adhesive, 1 pcs
Air mouse, 1 pcs (FREE!)
Nylon cable tie, 1 pcs
Rubber plug, 2 pcs
T4 screw, 1 pcs
M4 screw, 2 pcs
M6 screw, 1 pcs