Compared with $200 Shield TV streaming box, YUNDOO Y8 (RK3399 CPU) is a great TV Box aimed at a couple of very specific audiences. Gamers would be first and foremost, with the little box’s impressive power to play exclusive Android games and stream PC games. The famous PC hardware (RK3399 CPU) maker is betting big on PC gamers to find YUNDOO Y8 their streaming box of choice.

YUNDOO Y8 is now available at a price with a little higher than $100. Check the Price Now!

Another part of audience is those who want the absolute most powerful 4K-able streaming box on the market. When it comes to being able to bring content to your TV, YUNDOO Y8 is a wonder, even if it’s still hinged upon the overall Android TV platform. Unlike other Android TV boxes, this one even comes with Amazon Video, which has been sorely lacking from the platform.