USING a Kodi Box could soon be illegal, following a fresh round of discussions from the UK’s Intellectual Property Office about how best to tackle copyright and fraud caused by these hugely-popular streaming boxes.

Watching content on a Kodi Box could soon be illegal.

Following a growing number of complaints from right-holders and broadcasters, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office, or IPO, is purportedly holding a number of meetings to decide whether the law needs to be changed to tackle the popularity of Kodi boxes.

There have already been a number of arrests due to Kodi boxes in the UK.

Five people accused of selling illegally modified versions of the popular set-top boxes were taken into custody last month after a series of early morning raids.

Cases are pending, but there is clearly a focus on these boxes.

For those who do not know, Kodi is an open-source media player that’s available to install on a range of devices.