Video streaming is a big deal. That old cable subscription is looking less and less like a good deal and there are now tons of ways to enjoy content online. The revolution will be streamed, not televised. Here is our list of the best video streaming apps for Android. Please note, the availability of these services may be different based on your region.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime is probably one of the most underrated video streaming apps out there. For $99 per year (or $10.99 per month) you get free 2-day shipping along with a host of other features. One of them is Amazon Instant Video. Many pundits will tell you that the collection pales in comparison to the likes of Netflix or Hulu, but they generally don’t take into account that Netflix doesn’t offer 2-day shipping on Amazon. You can also purchase TV shows and movies that are available on Amazon but not on Instant Video and then watch them using this app. The installation process is a little wonky and the UI is a bit clunky, but it does work. Please note, the installation methods for smartphones and tablets are different. Use the button below to get the smartphone version.


Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming apps out there right now. The service boasts 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of content that you can watch. You can actually engage with most of this content completely free but you’ll have to deal with ads. You can then pay up the subscription cost to remove those ads. It has some heavy hitting shows including many fan favorites. The only problem is the service tends to lean towards subtitles so dub fans may to look to other services such as Hulu or Netflix. There are also smaller companies with independent streaming apps, such as Funimation. Even so, Crunchyroll is one of the best video streaming apps for anime fans.

Google Home

Owners of Chromecasts or Google Home should definitely have this app in their app drawer. It is required in order to set up the hardware, but you can use it afterwards to do a variety of things. For starters, you can browse content on video streaming apps that have Chromecast support (which also helps you find apps with Chromecast support) so you can build your streaming library. It’s a completely free app which means there is no harm in trying it out. You can also control your Chromecast and Home with the app.

Google Play Movies and TV

Google Play Movies and TV is Google’s in-house video streaming app. With this, you can watch any content that you decide to buy from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it’s not a service like Netflix but more of a content purchasing system similar to iTunes. Once purchased, you can use this app to watch them on your Android devices. It comes with Material Design, Chromecast support, and it’s most likely already installed on your device. It’s had some problems, but it’s not a terrible experience. Some streaming apps, including Disney’s Disney Anywhere app, also plug directly into Google Play Movies and TV which makes for a fun little network of video streaming apps.


HBO has not only been a fan of all-caps for a long time, but they’ve also been very forward thinking when it comes to video streaming. This has culminated in HBO NOW, HBO’s very own streaming service. With it, you can access pretty much anything you want on HBO’s network including Silicon Valley, Sex and the City, VICE, The Wire, Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and more. The only potential caveat is that it’s far more expensive than other services despite providing less content. It’s one of the more expensive video streaming apps, but how else are you going to watch Game of Thrones?