is established for True 4K HD Video entertainment. and YUNDOO only produces mainstream CPU Android media players.

Watch 4K VP9 and H.265 HEVC videos in all their glory, HDMI 2.0a interface supports 4K Ultra-HD with 60 fps and 10 bit HDR color, do not compromise with the emulated 4K of HDMI 1.4.

At YUNDOO, the utilization of eMMC memory offers an array of benefits in terms of performance security and reliability. In addition, our TV Boxes are embedded with powerful WiFi module. It can reduce 3 milliseconds delay the transfer-distance can be more than 15 meter.

YUNDOO Products:

YUNDOO Y1 (S912, Metal-shell, 2+16G)

YUNDOO Y2 (S912, 2+16G, 2+32G)

YUNDOO Y6 (RK3229, 1+8G)

YUNDOO Y6 (S905X, 2+8G, 2+32G)

YUNDOO Y7  (S905X, 1+8G)

Highlights of YUNDOO

High-performance CPU & GPU
Amlogic S912 Octa-core or S905X Quad-core CPU
All of these offer you ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability.
A fabiolus home theater and gaming device.

Swift & Stable System
Outfitted with the highly customized Android 6.0 System, you get swift and stable system operations.
Watching TV shows, movies; browsing webpage and photos, and playing android games as many as you like.

Advanced decoding technology
Compared with the original S905X chipset, the S912 chipset inside YUNDOO smart TV Box is an adveanced version.
It supports both H.265 and VP9 decoding, faster and smoother with less bandwidth occupation, better experience.